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From the Desk of Cathy Jackson


Lean and Green: 10 ways to use oatmeal
Made to eat. Made to work. Made for every day.

Add oatmeal on your list at the next grocery store shopping trip. If you’re wondering about the benefits of oatmeal outside of breakfast, here are a few suggestions. 


Reason #1 Refrigerator air freshener. By leaving an open canister out overnight in your refrigerator you take out stinky odors without adding chemicals to the contents of your food and fridge.

Reason #2 Clean a cast iron skillet. Mixing a little oatmeal with water will create a nice paste that will absorb leftover grease without stripping the cast iron of the good stuff.

Reason #3 Soak up kitchen oil spills. Simply, sprinkle oatmeal over an oil spill and wait 5 minutes before you can sweep it up.

Reason #4 Mix oatmeal into your ground beef while browning. It will stretch the beef, leave you feeling full longer, and it has a mild taste which will go unnoticed compared to the hearty flavors of the dish.  

Reason #5 Freshen your hair with a dry shampoo. Simply combine one part oat flour with one part baking soda and voila! You’ve added some life to your hair in between the next wash. 

Reason #6 Soothing oatmeal bath in the comfort of your home. For a spa like experience, you fasten a sock, pantyhose or cheesecloth filled with oat flour, to the bathtub faucet.

Reason #7 A gentle feeling of relief for burns. Apply some cold oatmeal to the afflicted area to soothe the pain.

Reason #8 Exfoliating the skin without additives. Revive your skin with coarsely ground oat flour.

Reason #9 Make a heat pillow for aches and pains. Works as well as a warming rice pillow, however, it smells much better.

Reason #10 Convenient itch relief patch for your pup.Mix equal parts warm water and oats, rub over the itchy spot thinly, leave for 10 minutes and rinse.